Histologist (FISH experience)

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Under the supervision of Manager medical lab, this role will be Perform gross trimming of tissues and organs systems, processing, paraffin embedding, and sectioning for pathological analysis in our pathology laboratory.
+ According to policies and procedures, perform routine and non-routine activities involved in the preparation of slides, for microscopic evaluation by pathologist(s). Under general supervision and,
+ Secure the slice sample on a slide and use specialized dyes to stain it, bringing out cellular structures and allowing pathologists, or research scientists to identify abnormal cells and monitor cell function.
+ Operates and performs routine and non-routine maintenance on histology laboratory equipment (including balances, tissue processors, embedding units, microtomes, cryostat, automatic stainers, automatic coverslippers, automatic cassette and slide labelers, microscopes immunohistochemistry and in situ hybridization autostainers, etc); demonstrates ability to trouble-shoot equipment with minimal supervision.
+ Demonstration of mastery of study histologist role by assuming responsibility for studies of higher size or complexity without supervision, including acquiring proficiency in and/or providing training and technical guidance to team members on any needed specialized techniques.
+ Ensure compliance with all local, federal, CLIA and CAPA regulations.
+ Demonstrates mastery of specialized technical, scientific and/or administrative skills specific to histotechnology.
+ Adhere to laboratory?s quality control policies, and document all quality control activities and maintain a clean and well-organized work area.
+ Maintains proficiency and training requirements.
+ Participates in special projects and perform other duties as assigned by Supervisor.
+ Detailed knowledge of pathology, specialized laboratory equipment, clinical testing procedures, staining techniques and applicable laboratory testing regulations.
+ Ability to perform routine embedding in variety of tissues, cut routine and frozen sections.
+ Problem solving ability and maintain clear communication with peers and superiors. MINIMUM REQUIRED EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE
+ High School Diploma with 2 years of relevant previous laboratory and/or Clinical Trials experience; or equivalent combination of education, training and experience.
+ Certification from recognized certifying agency, HT (ASCP) or HTL(ASCP) required.
+ Must be proficient in FISH
+ Applicable certifications and licenses as required by country, state, and/or other regulatory bodies.
+ Ability to work in fast pace environment required.
+ Able to prioritize and drive to results with a high emphasis on quality.
+ Ability to work as part of a team.
+ Ability to work in fast pace environment required. PHYSICAL REQUIREMENTS
+ Hours and days may vary depending on operational needs
+ May be exposed to hazardous materials, blood specimens and instruments with moving parts, heating or freezing elements, and high speed centrifugation
+ Repetitive manual pipetting may be necessary
+ Ability to lift a minimum of 10 lbs. and perform repetitive motions.
+ Must be able to wear protection devices as needed in the lab environment.
+ Must be able to access laboratory equipment on bench tops or equivalent while using both hands to perform manual dexterity operations
+ Must be able to work in a seated position for an extended duration (2h), with periodic breaks, while performing routine repetitive functions.
EEO Minorities/Females/Protected Veterans/Disabled
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