Job Description
Understand basic molding requirements such as, curing cycle, molding pressure, bumping, temperature and materials.
Adjust press settings such as stroke, pressure, temperature, and cure time.
Track set-up performance information (time) and achieve standard work guidelines.
Record production times and quantity on hour by hour chart.
Operate two presses simultaneously on simple compression parts such at T-bar molding.
Read and understand blueprints/product specifications for manufacturing and dimensional requirements - perform in-process inspection to verify conformance using standard inspection tools (calipers, steel rule, micrometers, gage pins, radius gage, height gage, etc.)
Read and understand work order contents including part number, quantity, due date, technical information and all supplementary information including work instructions.
Record completion of production.
Perform semi-complex compression molding operations such as mandrel wrapping.
Perform transfer molding.
Efficiently remove inserts or other cured product from the mold when cycle is complete.
Diagnose and resolve basic molding defects such as pin holes, non-fills, back grind, air traps, and curing issues.
Can perform all B2 activities without supervision at standard production rates.
Perform complex fabric supported and silicone compression molding.
Includes lay-up and preparation for grommets with metal inserts.
Diagnose and resolve complex molding defects on parts such as fabric delamination, material bonding, fabric pinch, air traps, metal to silicone bonding, and transfer of material to cavities.
Perform all B3 skills without supervision at standard production rates.
Operate semi-automatic and fully automatic injection molding machines.
Properly load material into machine.
Set-up mold on platens and select correct programs for machine operation.
Run sample piece for simple production jobs.
Troubleshoot injection press set-ups and material issues to resolve the complex product defects.
Operate one injection and one compression press simultaneously.
Adjust minor settings such as shot size, temperature, strokes, and pressures to run the machine effectively.
Clean and change feeder units and molds on press.
Perform all B4 activities without supervision at standard production rates.
Develop and help create work instructions, outlining best practice molding including optimum cure time, pressure and lay-up methods.
Solid understanding of molding characteristics of silicone and organic materials.
Set-up and operate two injection press machines simultaneously.
Resolve problems regarding product defects and equipment adjustments while maintaining press operation within standard scrap rates. Assemble and accurately document work order material and process traceability information.
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